Favourite quotes or maxims.

Sad that, the written word of the so called Law can't be over ruled by 'common sense'.

Raising children from babies all the way through and into adolescence and beyond; takes a lot more than reading about it in a book at University.

PLATO: the guardians of the state that deal with the children and the young would have a better knowledge if they had children of their own in order to experience a full understanding. Children should be around such individuals all day and all night and not just a working day.

I don't deny the events taking place, I deny the way in which the events have been twisted and distorted to have happened. From first causation through to the conclusion, is wrong. Even the Law, makes up events to fit their missing details on the notes in the drop down boxes. Filled in by the previous shift. Good job they abolished hanging!  [direct experience]

"There is nothing in the understanding that is not firstly in the senses." Immanuel Kant.

"A.R.T...All Relevant Things!"

"Fast things reach their end quicker, go slooowly in life, you will observe a lot more, be more relaxed, and your ticker will not waste ticks."

"Only look back if your memories are happy, otherwise, only look forward."

"Do not think for one moment that the man with no money is poor!"

"GREED!....is worse than money when it comes to the root of all evil."

Social Services know nothing when they think that they do. Half of the individuals that work for them have no children of their own, so how could they possibly know how to care for them. Most of what they know is read from books at university without the experience of changing a single shitty nappy. Some think they know sociology, how family units in their various forms work, they can't see the genuine from the false in individuals, and individuals in the various different groups. Everything they do is from a book. With me personally: They think I am a liar and a cheat due to a false reporting on a couple of minor incidents by none other than the police. They think I am an alcoholic drug dependent; even after observing my wife and I in a very detail assessment which concluded positive. Even after observing my qualifications in micro-pigmentation and health and safety (which high focus is paramount for,) even after observing my work. I told them I didn't drink alcohol any more; they thought I was an alcoholic previously. They look after their own and use individuals outside their 'group' as scapegoats when it comes to court matters. They call themselves professionals but they fail to realize that all they are are just 'human', and 'this'...is the very thing that they 'think' they know all about. They wondered why I failed to disclose an incident at my home that was on the police national computer: and the reason was that NO-BODY called the sodden police....an ambulance was called because I slipped up backwards due to yes a couple of drinks at the time, and wearing my brogue shoes with metal studs in the heels, which made contact with my terracotta tiled floor tiles of my kitchen floor. The sodding police reported that we were all arguing and fighting and someone pushed me. FALSE reporting! There was another incident of false reporting by the police. As a result I do not trust the police OR the s.s as much as I did do before, anymore. Why am I writing this here on my site? Because I want people to know how they are. I lost custody of my grandchildren because of, the above and more. And I don't care who gets to read this. Whether you are black or white, yellow or red, fat, skinny, old, young, living in Australia or living in England. Corruption happens even on tiny levels. 

"He who thinks that he is more Intelligent than most, most probably is not, these are the arrogant ones. whom no body bonds to."

"Proof of Intelligence is in the doing."

"One may look beautiful, when in fact one is ugly."

"positive and negative permeates the whole universe, although they struggle and bicker, there is a balance to achieve. Which is possible to achieve, which has been achieved before, and will be achieved again."

"Be calm and move on."

"Be stressed and stand still."

"Impossible to keep ALL the people happy ALL of the time."

"Observing others is fine, but now and again observe oneself. Do you like that spot on your nose? that dark thought you just had, that piece of cotton on your new frock that you do not see? Because others all around you may see it."

"Don't worry, be happy."

"Truth stands the test of time whilst falsehood breaks down over time." ARISTOTLE.

"It is best to conduct oneself in the mean of things, instead on either side." ARISTOTLE.

"There are only three states of friendship according to Aristotle (the pupil of Plato) that being: a) Friendship by utility and b) Friendship by obligation, and c) True friendship. (for the definitions of these; you would have to read "The Nichomancheon Ethics", by Aristotle.

Aristotle again; "All subjects fall into three categories. a) Productive Knowledge. b) Practical Knowledge. c) Theoretical knowledge. 

Books are great for attaining knowledge of an event, but what is best for the understanding is the experience!

In society, people are made up of just three elements. Individuals are either of a) Iron b) silver or c) gold. PLATO; in the Republic.

Intelligence is no substitute for common sense.

Don't psychoanalyze me because I've already done you. I've been studying human behavior since I was a child.

Don't ask me how I 'feel', ask me how I 'perceive'. 

The 'transcendental unity of apperception,' according to Immanuel Kant, is that part of our being that can cope with things other than what is mindfully immediate in our thoughts and doings. In other words; we are ALL coping beings. As an example (Kant explains) When one is doing a manual task like 'washing the dishes', you are doing something automatically, without thinking about it, it allows your mind to think about something other than what you are doing. Whilst 'doing'...in the back of your mind you could be thinking about your dinner date tomorrow.

Social media is the devils highway!

The 'NET'.....fishes for all of us!

Smile!.....because it is not only an expression of how happy one feels inside,  it also lessens the wrinkles in ones face. The more one smiles in their lifetime, the more the facial skin becomes supple! ....try it!

Yes!...I do have a lot to say, that's because I have a lot on my mind, many words and many pictures vacate that small space between my ears.

Nowadays, we are not using technology, it is using us! ---observe how many people out there are glued to their phones, there will be a day when they all will be bumping into lamp posts, falling over a rock, falling down an open man hole, becoming oblivious to danger that is about to happen before their very eyes!

A blind man isn't blind!

metaphysics: The mind as a thing in itself, is separate from the brain. Think!.....The Titanic, ........see it? How can such a large thing fit inside your head? 

The mind, as a thing in itself, is not subject to spacial and temporal relations! 

Immanuel Kant, in the Critique of pure reason: " Individuals have varying degrees of image-ism in their minds." An Artist may see every detail to that 'apple' in their minds eye, where as, somebody else may only see a green blob!

Psychology has only been recognized as a science in recent years. It is the study of the consciousness and behavior of the individual. Sociology, is the study of these two factors in relation to the many, or a group of individuals.    

Un-qualified knowledge is not recognized like qualified knowledge is. The levels of understanding may well be the same though!

PLATO: The true navigator of the ship is he who is considered the fool daydreaming and gazing into the stars!

You can tell a delusional person from a normal one because the delusional person believes something that clearly doesn't make sense in reality. They do not see the logic of what is real. Everything they see is a lie, but they believe it to be utterly true. They think that everyone in proximity to them is stupid and can not see through their falsehood. 

Selfish people make other people's lives a misery.

Some people, I just have to say a BIG FAT HA HA!! to.

God gave each and every one of us FREE WILL. A religious congregation of many people do not have FREE WILL because they ALL follow and think the same thing. I think, (if there is a god, and he gave us free will) that he would not mind if I did not go to church, because then I am not following the doctrine of the many. If I choose to go to the house of God, then I go alone and for my own reasons. Every one else are all sheep.

You should never put anything negative in the mind of a child, for they are innocent, and their little minds are like sponges. Do not tarnish them with horrors or they will grow up to be deceiving little monsters that will cause a misery to people. (In ancient Greece 500yrs bc. The authorities of Athens screened every single Poet that entered the city. Because the Poets were the ones that brought the stories of Heroic battles and other events back with them, to tell to the people, they did not want for their children to hear stories of falsehood and horror. Nice Poets with nice stories were allowed in. The Greeks safeguarded their young by this method of screening.) Nowadays, you have the internet and it's horrors, the television and it's horrors, the news and it's horrors, you have lazy ignorant parents that are so wrapped up in their mobile phones and their own selfish wantings: that they neglect to notice what their children are perceiving.  

I pray for the children of this world, the Adults, well they can do one!

The idiots are the ones that think everybody else is.

Schemas! these are the things that the psychologist puts to a set of ideas of the mind. Schemas can form into stereotypes of people. Forming stereotypes is not good, because the individual that does form stereotypes is not thinking with a neutral mind. A neutral thinking mind is an open mind, it is nonjudgmental in all things. Anyone that is supposed to be a professional in the art of individuals and people that form schemas of others, is not seeing the true version of the case studied individual(s). 

That dirty puddle, may have gold at the bottom of it. Do not be so quick to make ones mind up about the dirty puddle, investigate it, analyze it, touch it, feel around in it. 

No human person is perfect. If one thinks one has no flaws; then that alone is an imperfect thought going on in ones head!

'Deus sive' Natura' , God and nature.

Bishop Butler: (16th century philosopher Monk.) : 'Although I am in the business of GOD, it is nature and it's material that I fully perceive more of.  As to the Author of Nature, I know not what.'

Aristotle: 'There is ONE factor above all else that a philosopher must have. And that is an excellent memory.'