'There is nothing in the understanding that is not firstly in the senses.'

Nihil ad Intellectus quad pious nisi en' sensu.


The artworks you see here on this website are a culmination of many years study and observation into varying techniques and theory on the subject of Art. I was an oil painter for twenty years before I diversified to tattoo in 2008 (which incidentally I don't practice any longer.)       I have put thousands of hours of art study and practice in over the years, and strained my eyes too with years of detail work. I remember standing up at my easel working on a painting at two in the afternoon and did not rest from what I was working on until three in the morning. I studied the oil medium with all it's strange concoctions for applying glazes to the paintings. Working the different styles as well like Impasto, wet-into-wet, scrumbeling etc. I went to painting exhibitions and exhibited mine too. There's a lot to it all, far too much to explain here. Art history was an interest too, it went along with the technical application. Reading about the great masters and their happenings was exciting for my mind. I come to the conclusion that the reason Van Gogh cut his own ear off is because he was frustrated in the fact that he painted two hundred paintings in one year, and only sold ONE. All the while, his brother Theodore was a painter also, but he sold loads of his work. If you observe Van Gogh's works it is easy to see that in his time the people didn't appreciate his paintings and most probably thought that his paintings were rubbish and poorly executed. Strange that now he is dead...everybody likes them. All that aside though, it is always good to study the different painting styles and techniques of different Artists. My favorite Painters were John Constable and John Everett Millais. If you look at these two painters, you will notice two very extreme styles of oil painting. The secrets are all hidden in the actual 'techniques' of painting applied. 

I created this site for several reasons. One was to compile most of the artwork I have produced over the years in one location and all together in one place. The works shown here are an accumulation of almost all my life to date of the art study and practice. What you see here is not everything I have produced, such as eighty four hand painted tobacco tins, engraved side casings of motorbikes, beer glass engravings and murals etc. I aim to get as much as I can of my stuff on here for viewers to see if they want to. The oil paintings you see here, is not all either. There are some that have gone into the real world that I have no image or photo of; a lot of it was given away as gifts or bartered, because the pleasure in the production of my art was far more important than financial gain. Tis foolishness on my part that I did not get a photo shot of every single piece that I have done over years, is just one of those, 'Oh! well! 'moments. Some just crop up now. In the present time, then I get a photo shot of em. My mind is always busy, my body!...sometimes.

In the past before I diversified to tattoo, I was well into the art world, from a common standpoint or observation point, and belonged to a few good art societies such as the R.C.P.S (Rowlands castle Painting Society) and the C.P.S. (Chichester painting Society.) I exhibited my oils in various places and observed many pieces of art from a lot of different Artists. I KNOW what is good art and what is not. I trained my eye to be able to distinguish between techniques. There is a lot to what the eye perceives as Art. "If you get into the, 'What is Art?' question, then you would spend the rest of your life trying to answer it. And not enough time 'doing' it. I like to strike a balance however; 'you need to think, but you need to 'do' as well.' is more like it for me. It's an Aristotelian way. 

I read some  Greek philosophy too. With some works and dialogues of Plato and Aristotle such as, The Symposium, The Timaeus, Phaedra, and The Last Days of Socrates. I read the 'The Republic' too, by Plato. And the Nichomancheon Ethics by Aristotle: which is how I know about the 'three states of knowledge, the three states of friendship, and how to conduct yourself in the mean.'  I also read, 'The Critique of Pure Reason,' By Immanuel Kant, (which is where the above title statement came from that i learnt.) 

Some of,Leibniz and Spinoza and Ludwig Wittgenstein; (the American pragmatist) it was how I learnt about 'Predicate Calculus', a method of concludeing truth theorums from linguistics or the written word. these were all favourites of mine. Philosophy always was another love of mine. It all went hand in hand. All this helped to enrich my mind and helped focus it. It also made me understand the most important thing about the life we live;'people'. 

The subject of Art takes on many forms, leads you down many roads if you let it, and trains your eye to observe things that perhaps normal sighted people fail to see. The mind of an Artist is fickle, can be unstable too, (mine isn't) but the mind of an Artist is a very powerful tool. Vivid, focused and strange. Some may think you to be a nut, others see talent and cleverness, and foresight, is another gift the mind of an Artist possesses. Like it or not, the Artist sees the full picture before an event or work has ever been started.  Aristotle said, "A philosopher has to have one thing greater than all other things, an excellent memory!" and mine is photographic; I remember things with imagery! I once had a discussion with an 'A' Level Art student from Southampton. He argued that Art is taught! I argued that it is not! I demonstrated that Art is nature taught, not nurture. I have never been to Art school, so I observed with my eyes the surrounding area where we were sat talking, when I went home, I drew the scene in all it's detail and perspective, and then emailed the image to him. Sometime later my friend replied, "How the FF...did you do that?" I don't know, I just 'looked', I said to him.

Anyway, enjoy looking through my artworks. I haven't finished yet, there will be more to come.


 Another trait of my character is that I do like a good harmless laugh. I think it is important in this world. I have met people that are just too serious for their own good. I have observed them. It's not good for the soul if you can not laugh once in a while. Yes there are times to be serious, my artwork should show you that fact, but to be mildly humorous in this day and age lessens the stress of life.  

Another thing is that I do not consider my art to be 'work' as such, more of a long study. I do not care about acquiring vast sums of money like some people do, sod that! I say, with loads of THAT stuff comes more worries and stresses of a different sort than I care not to deal with. If people like my artwork, that is bonus enough for me, if they buy it! that is bonus plus enough for me. Because Art isn't about money. It is about 'essence'. (in the critique of pure reason.)

 I have also observed some very unhappy rich people in my time. And greedy! This website you are on is more about showing people some art from me and a way for people to keep up to date with what I am doing. That could be anything! because sometimes randomness and variety are best for good inspiration. But yea! seriously, people need to lighten up out there sometimes I observe. I never move too fast either. Slowly is best, like tai chi. Observations, especially longitudinal ones, happen best SLOWLY. Because the slower one moves, the more one sees. And I am a very patient individual, I have spent years honing it. I could write a book on my thoughts on it all. Thank 'you' the viewer, for being patient in reading this.

 Also, check martial art  to see how I have observed (over the years) the oriental perspective on things, this like all pages on my site are constantly updating so expect more info as time goes on. You can check my pedigree lineage out if you so wish too, with my grandson Leo being the last of my fathers branch, and stretching back all the way to 1040 AD. 

St. Faiths Church in Havant, (local scene) painted in 1993.