Cleaning my Chichester Cathedral oil.

On this page will be all the up and coming exhibitions that I will be showing my work in. From 2016. Viewers can then see what I have on show and where if they wish to go see my work(s) in the flesh. Watch this space if that is what you are interested in. I won't be listing all past exhibitions on this page, the write up is too long winded for the moment. Enjoy.

CURRENTLY AND ALWAYS LOOKING FOR WALL SPACE: If you have wall space to put on a solo exhibition of my oils, then contact me if you are interested in putting on a show. I give 30% commission on sales etc.


Will be at exhibition between 11-23rd October 2016, at the Oxmarket Gallery Chichester, for the stride open exhibition. Both works will be for sale.

STAUNTON HOUSEsize. 4ft x 3ft, oil on canvas.

Venue: Staunton Country Park, Havant. In the tea rooms. This piece is hung permanently here. This is the ONLY coloured representation of the house.

If you would like your old black and white photos transformed into a full colour oil painting, then feel free to contact me.

Warblington Church. Soon to be on display at Hobbycraft in Havant. 
The Gothic Library at Staunton country park, Havant, will be soon to be on display at Hobbycraft in Havant.