PLUS.....20 years study of the art of oil painting (and continuing to.) art history and technical application. Readings: Philosophy, Greek. of Plato, and Aristotle. Dialogues include 'The Republic' by Plato. 'The Nichomancheon Ethics' by Aristotle. The Symposium', 'Thaedra', 'Timaeus', 'Giorgious.' Psychology=(ungraded) College, South Downs......merely to learn and observe the 'methodology'...so! 4 months. Sociology=(ungraded) read several sections of the 'Haralambos and Holborn'. Also; (whole book) Immanuelle Kant 17c. 'The Critique of pure Reason'. Also, Picked up on schools of thought by Descartes Rene)....'Cogito ergo sum' ....and looked at Ludwig Wittgenstein, (linguistics).

favorite study= x2, art and the relationship of 'people', as either individuals OR as a group, to it, and the relationship of people to each other.

August 2017. Currently reading THE LAWS: by Plato. An extension to THE REPUBLIC. Books he wrote toward the end of his life.