I've done a bit in my time, not a lot, but some. Occasionally it went along with my arts. It's not exactly new to me. I'm just taking woodcraft a bit more seriously in the later part of my life really. My 2D art such as oil painting, drawing, the skills in design I learnt from tattoo etc, will all go into this craft fa sure. In the past I dabbled. A wooden living room door arch made for my front room which is still there today. Some small wood carvings, and a chess table (not the pieces) a solitaire table, wooden dado carved in with a coping saw etc etc. It's worth devoting some time and effort and art to.

no doubt this page will grow in time so watch this space.

Carved Snake

£ 30.00 

Hand carved snake, It is missing it's tongue now tho.

This oak branch I picked up on a local grass verge after the wind had blown it down, is turning into an anaconda type snake. It isn't finished of course. I will show the next picture finished though.

To get this how I want it to look will take a lot more carving and scraping and smoothing etc. (and with a broken little finger knuckle it aint easy) but hey! 'Patience' is a magic source!

I think this snake will look laaarvly when it is stained up right at the end. The plan is for an orgy of snakes all entwining together, and used as floor ornamentation.

..I smoothed the thing off by hand, now I'm just gonna wood stain it. A lighter stain is going over the top when this lots dry.
..I'll finish it with details afterward, smooth the eyes round, make a tongue etc.

...and the underbelly,

..the toungue was carved from the solid oak heart of the branch, from an off-cut. It had to be 'hard' because serving as a floor ornament or hanging from the ceiling, the tongue easily be knocked or broken, it has to be durable I thought.
FISHING LURES, hand carved and painted with enamels and then yacht varnished. All of the hooks and detail will go in next. More recent photos will be up soon but currently I'm making 'rattlers', or lures with 0.4grams lead balls inside the bodies. x4 ball weights are going in them at the moment. To enquire about these lures; contact me on my number listed.

This selection just needs feathering and finishing.... for your speculation orders, call 07879522757. ask for Mark, fishing lures.

HAND CARVED woodcarvers mallets, no lathe.

These wood carved mallets are brilliant! I tested my one out on wood carving a second mallet for a mate. Gotta nice ball weight to them when you swing it to meet the chisel handle. The next ones I carve can have the owners initials carved into the pommel end.

more details to follow.