Corture Artist

MARK or MarkyC...whichever you prefer.

All rounder, anything that comes.


*large color work and Japanese.

*Celtic designs and cover ups.

*floral etcetera.

Mark has an extensive portfolio in oil painting, sketch work and tattooing. He had been working from home as a self employed artist (painter) for many years before diversifying to tattoo. Mark's oil painting experience spans nearly thirty years, with works shown locally and in London. He has sold works locally and overseas. Also his years of observing other Artists works at exhibition and in the flesh has helped him develop a true sense of what is well executed Art and what is not.    Why diversify to tattoo Art? Well why not is his reply. Painters diversify their medium. In the old days, it was toward sculpture. He has also developed the 'color mixing' skills to a high level; one asset highly needed for the tattoo medium. With the Art of tattoo; Mark has many regular clients who use his designs for their continuing pieces again and again. Using a variety of needle groupings Mark is able to tackle most design types. He also takes on many  cover up pieces and  has developed an eye for what will cover an old piece well. 

Certified Artist.

1) Fully Licensed and registered Tattoo Artist for both home studio and any licensed premises in Havant. Issue of H.B.C.

a) The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health, Level 2 Award in health & Safety in the Workplace.

b) Health and Safety, Infection Control and Needlestick Injuries in the Tattooist Industry.

c) CE certificate of testing for autoclave.

This is a little girl portrait a client had me do.
These two are deceased babies, the clients had me tattoo on them. It's never nice to do this kind of tattoo. But hey! I had to put every effort in for the poor clients. The tattoos are shown 'fresh' on the skin. When they heal, they soften to almost photographic. It was extremely emotional tattooing these kind of tattoos on people. You develop an empathic state with this kind of work.
A Celtic knotwork design on someones forearm.
Again, Celtic knotwork tattoo on a guy that came all the way from Sweden to see me.