Here are some tattooz done in the last couple of years. This page will be where all tattooz done by me will be shown from this point on. You will notice that some shown here will also be in the main sections of this site too...Oh! well!....I'm not fussing around with constantly editing the loads of images here. 

I don't always take photos of my tattoo art as it leaves my studio; some I do, the ones I don't get a shot of are still welcome up on my site if done by my hand. Just email me a good darn shot of it, in good light, up close, keeping the camera dead still etc. And then I will most probably have it up on this site in a Jiffy with lemon. Note that the images below is not ALL or comprehensive, there are more that I don't have images of, and will be updating all the darn time. Enjoy.

 GALLERY of recent.

 NOTES on recent tattooing.

 (a)  If you have recent artwork on you that I have done, and is in progress i.e. unfinished, then you can contact me anytime to organise the next session. Most of you know how I go about this anyway. And most of you also know that I don't rush things. If there's a future diary date free, then you can go in it. As long as I know what I am doing on you. I don't mind advance bookings well in to the future, for example you might want a date four or five months in advance, no problem, but be sure to  well put it in your diary too.

 Heart Rose. inside forearm, thanx Yas.

Foo Dog , chest, in progress..thankz Jay... 

 (b) I won't be haggled or persuaded to do discounts on my artwork unless under exceptional circumstances; like if you was my mum or dad, or my brother or sister. Nans and granddads, nope (unless mine of course.) Great nans & granddad, grt grt nans & granddads....might get discount!.....grt grt grt nans & granddads and beyond, Get my ink entirely FREE.  ...not sure how my needles will fair in bone though!

 Cover up in progress, thigh,..thankz Abbie..

 (c) COVERUPS. I don't mind doing cover-ups, but I don't love it either. In fact, your previous so called tattoo artist should have been competent enough in the first place to get it right first time. Ok! even good or excellent Artists can't get it right all the time! .....but they are good enough to correct the mistake without anyone noticing there after. That's the difference. Also note, a cover-up can take a lot longer than if it was on fresh clean and clear skin canvas. You have to take time in saturating fresh ink into the other shitty ink.  There's just some points to bear in mind.   

 (d) Once you have a diary date, it's best to try stick to it. Both Artist and client has to. Sometimes however something goes wrong; like getting ill all of a sudden, for example....or your grt grt grt grt granny has been taken ill and gone to hospital. Just notify me, txt msg, email, carrier pigeon or whatever. It's not a problem, patience! is the key to any Art. Just arrange another date innit.

 TRIBAL, I don't mind doing a bit of tribal from time to time. Here's one ongoing, thanx Joe.

 Above is the bear and heart cover up tattoo I did. The rose is actually appalling, faded colour, dotty thick line work; and note that I put the date right too to the right of the teddy.

 Iron man is another cover up. I've done a few, I won't be able to list em all up ear, just yet, would be ridiculous to do as far as 'time' goes.