(some but not all)

It's worth mentioning a little bit more about my oils. I started oil painting twenty years ago around about the age of 18,19,20. I started with painted bakki tins, then moved on to the oil medium. Learning everything I could about the medium and the Art of painting. Too many factors to explain fully here in short text. I exhibited in certain locales just to get a general comment from the observers, most of the comments I received were positive, the negative comments on my oil work (from those that knew of course) I took on board in order to learn even more. I diversified to tattoo in 2008 only, and don't do much painting now unfortunately. But should do and wants to, but it's a question of space really. Having tattoo and oils on the go in the same lil studio is a no go. There is stuff and subject matter that I still WANT to paint on canvas, one day in the future fa sure. The picture above shows me in mid 2016 on my latest oil painting.

NOTE that some works in my current collection are NFS (not for sale.) All are negotiable though if there is any interest. Commissioning my good self is handy if someone wanted a specific subject painted. I've always maintained a good oil painter should be able to paint 'any' subject, any 'thing'. You can begin to master the medium when one can.


£ 40.00 

SIZE 10" X 6" (inches) framed as seen. Oil on board. From a sketch I made.