Wing Chun, and a bit about the Martial Arts.


I love the Martial Arts too and always have done. (and yes I have done a lot in my lifetime so far haven't I, but it's true.) At the age of five years old I started Judo...lasted quite a while. Became inquisitive about then too. It lasted a while until I went on to Karate...gained shodan skill level. Looked at various other styles up through the years. Not to any athletic level, more for the philosophy and an interest in how the body works in these ancient oriental Arts. I'm cutting the long story short here because I'm not going to write a book on the subject. But the oriental arts have always been fascinating to me for as long as I can remember. Martial Arts to me is something you practice quietly to yourself, for your own peace of mind. There is a lot to it all, fa sure. I practice Wing Chun as my preferred style. I had observed and practiced it to a small degree some years ago, I was familiar with it's concept.

Wing Chun (snake and crane style) is my preferred martial art. There are only three hand forms, (the Japanese would call them kata) The first two forms are shown here, the 3rd, 'Biu ji' or thrusting fingers making up the three. There are weapons forms too, the butterfly knives and the 8ft pole etc. Wing Chun is a beautiful art to practice, it's simple and deadly effective if understood correctly. The use of relaxation rather than energy draining tension is focused on. The gathering of chi can and has been is very geometric in style. Using center line, 45 degree angles and triangle structures and shapes to every advantage in the techniques...the center line principle precisely falls in with my day to day life and philosophy anyway, that is; to balance yourself down the center enables you to accomplish several things. You can observe both sides of the story, you can become well balanced enough to make an informed decision in order to choose which side of the fence to jump down on. And balancing to nature (what is real) becomes 'sensitive', empirical,'s a chi thing! Yin & Yang. be cont: 

 First form 'Siu-Lim-Tau'

 Forms update: March '16; 2016. since learnt Biu tze, (3rd and final hand form) ..thrusting fingers. I say 'learnt'......I mean observed the techniques enough to study and practice. Many thanks to sifu for observing and correcting my faults up through the forms. 

Forms update: April 26th, 2017. been practiceing every day since the above, the three forms. (thanx sifu frank, once again for things).....

Forms update: March 14th, 2021. still practiceing the forms every day, it's become a habit now. All three forms are more fluent and relaxed, I can feel the chi buzzin through my system after them.

 Second wing chun hand form 'Chium Kiu'

Me with my Father, I was 14 years old. Wearing Karate 1st kyu, just before black.

 below: extracts from 3rd form. note: full form isn't shown, and not in entire sequence.


 There are ten sections to the wooden dummy or 'mook jan jong'. 116 techniques with almost unlimited applications; (thanks sifu Frank) There's just three techniques shown here.

more to follow...


The 'bubishi' is a very interesting book I once read. It means; 'The bible of Karate,' or 'the bible of empty hand.' The book was a modern translation of a very ancient book of oriental fighting monks; and their philosophy. Showing in detail the fighting monks hand to hand skills in drawing detail, their herbalism knowledge and along with knowledge of the vital points for combative and medicinal purposes. I learnt about how these vital points work in this highly recommended book.