MURALS and other Art.

Here's some of the larger pieces I've hand painted over the years. There isn't much in picky form, some of them I painted a long time ago. Mostly oil mediums, oils, enamels etc. 'Sometimes those little 'humbrol' enamels stretch really far when thinned with white spirit.' Yes!..I said white spirit. I never used turpentine....not even in my oil paintings on stretch canvas! anyway enjoy. Currently using waterbased acrylics. (kind of a new medium for me!)

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 I've always been fascinated with 'trompe le oeil'...illusion of the eye. This isn't finished, but nice to get the brushes out once in a while. (Acrylics, water based medium used, what else in a tattoo studio? oils are a no go.)

 Here's one I'm currently working on, in my studio.

 These two are years old, the one on the right was for a backdrop of a strobe light rave in Frenchie La Mors back in mid eighties. The one on the left was in our previous house.

 I painted this star trek deep space 9 mural mainly with thinned down enamels. It's a bedroom wall in paulsgrove. Commissioned. about twenty years ago! be cont.