Painting miniature oils have always been a little joy of mine. I plan some more. But here you will get to see some that I have done over time. There wont be many here for the minute because some are lost in time, ones that I no longer possess etc. They are roughly little paintings that are less than 8 or 9 inches in size. There will of course be more to come. Most of these are NFS. (not for sale.) I can do commissions. from old black and white photographs is popular and exciting.
My nan and grandad, Rowland Owen Chaldecott and Vera Lucy. (from a B/W photograph)
Me and Gaynor. mini oil
Staunton Country Park, Havant.
This church is in North Street Havant. (commissioned piece)
St.Faiths, South Street Havant.
My Mother, Rita. (under glass.)
Girl with a ball. (my cousin Jade.)
Here you have the Bullfinch and Blue Tit oils.