with head to head no holds barred LEAGUE matches to be played in Winter.


1st test match day

The Fartfull Dodgers' (human)  vs  'The Hoblin Goblins' (Orc/Goblin)
COACH: Mac ---------------------Adam.
TEAM RATING: 100----------------100
TEAM VALUE: 1 mil-----------1.0mil
TOUCHDOWNS so far : 0----------------0
TOUCHDOWNS this match 2-------------4
GAMES PLAYED:0----------------0
MATCH DATE: March '17
RESULTS: 2-4 to the Goblins.

Spike magasine News and notes: The Goblins armed with their big guy; the four star Ogre, started to throw his smaller goblin team mates across the pitch, holding the ball. This took the 'Fartfull Dodgers' completely by surprise and even their lightning fast movemeant and dodgeing skills could not change quickly enough for this strategy on pitch. The Goblins won, grr!


2nd test match day

The 'D'Undateables' (Orc)  vs  'The Hoblin Goblins' (Orc/Goblin)
COACH: Ben ---------------------Adam.
TEAM RATING: 100----------------150approx after 1st match.
TEAM VALUE: 1 mil-----------1.1mil aprox
TOUCHDOWNSso far:0---------------4
TOUCHDOWNS this match :2----------4
GAMES PLAYED: 0----------------1
MATCH DATE: March '17 end of.
RESULTS: 2-4 to the Hiblin Goblins.

Spike magasine News and notes: Allo!! two orc teams each with a big Ogre each on their teams; now this looked to be an even match at the start of kick off Jhonny! Until Coach Ben wasn't sure exactly how to command the Bone Head Ogre to act. And just when he did start to activate him a senseless member from the CROWD decided to lob a rock from the stadium, which smacked Barbados the Ogre square in the forehead. SPLAAT!...the Bens Giant Ogre got knocked down like a sack of shhiirburt! Well that was end of that plan! The Hiblin giblins took the match another 4-2.


3rd match day

'The D'Undateables' (Orc)  vs  'The Fartfull Dodgers' (human)
COACH: Ben ---------------------Mac.
TEAM RATING: 110----------------110 aprox.
TOUCHDOWNSso far: 2----------------2
TOUCHDOWNS this match 0----------3
GAMES PLAYED: 1----------------1
MATCH DATE: March '17 end of.
RESULTS: 0-3 to the Fartfull Dodgers. Hooraaagh!

Spike magasine News and notes: Well the Orc teams weren't getting away with that! The Human team prepared their pitch strategy this time round, they would run rings around the slower Orc team picking off the smaller opposing Goblins and staying away from that  stronger Ogre player that's werking for the Orc team. 'That thick bone headed Ogre just stood around in the same spot almost the entire game anyhow!' Anyway, Pew!..the Human teams' No9 player (thrower) done well advanceing in level with a couple of touchdowns at the end of the match, player No9 D.J.Trumpcard passing a hand off to him in D'Undateables half of the pitch! On this occasion The Fartfull Dodgers lived up to their name. Pew levels up gaining the frenzy skill and gaining an extra 20k to his player value, making him worth 90k. RESULT!!


4th match day

'The Fartfull Dodgers' (human)  vs  'The Umphalumpaas!' (Dwarf)
COACH: Mac ---------------------Brett.
TEAM RATING: 211----------------100
TEAM VALUE: 1.1million-----------1.0mil
TOUCHDOWNS so far: 5----------------0
TOUCHDOWNS this match :(0)----------(3)
GAMES PLAYED: 3----------------0 (first test game for the dwarfs, humans game 3.)
MATCH DATE: sat 15th April, '17. (dwarfs first test match.)

Spike magasine News and notes: The Umpalumpas Coach pulls the coin representing the Human team out of the sock of stench for this match. ...............aand they play a fast one storming into the drive like a tank. Winning 3-0. Humans tried all they could to break their Armour to no avail, trying to dodge around them little dudes, but could hardly dodge due to their 'tackle' skills. It was like running into a brick wall. The crowd event throwing both teams mascots on the pitch leading the dwarf team to beat the humans mascot up! robbing the humans of x8 fame reducing it to a big fat zero. Hence robbing them of any serious winnings, just 10,000 gold pieces to be precise. But the Human team did play with NO re-rolls and had six linemen with no skills whatsoever. Human coach expecting this type of outcome against the dwarven 'ardnutts. Also being denied the chance to hire some muscle with an Ogre; just plain rubbed salt in the wounds! better luck next time 'Fartfull Dodgers'. 

5th match day.

The Hoblin Goblins (Orc/Goblin)  vs  'The Umphalumpaas!' (Dwarf)
COACH: Adam ---------------------Brett.
TEAM RATING: (261) +8pts ----------------128
TEAM VALUE: 1.2million-----------1.1mil
TOUCHDOWNS so far: 8----------------3
TOUCHDOWNS this match :(0)----------(2)
GAMES PLAYED: 3----------------2 
MATCH DATE: sat 29th April, '17.
RESULTS: 0-2 to Umpalumpas

Spike magasine News and notes: The dwarf coach pulls the Orc coin out of the sock of stench....Aaaand! what a match that was. The Dwarfs set to kick off aggressively along the whole length of the scrimmage line putting the 'gee willies' into the Goblin team. Creating a wall of Armour. Leaving the Goblin Coach rubbing his head to a slow start for his team. The dwarfs taking advantage of this was ready for the smiting. Goblins moved first with a little guy goblin running for it straight between two dwarfs on the scrimmage line......tripping up a goodden. Turnover! ...Umpalumpas turn one; on the clobber! except that Goblin Ogre was a bit hard to knock down....eventually going down though in the later turns by slipping up on his great fat arse. Pandemonium in the center, dwarfs whisk the ball straight from behind the Goblin line and manage to run in to the wide zone down the left wing in the Goblins half. Phew! just turn one and two. 
With a lot happening in between; Dwarfs go on to score their first touchdown in turn six of drive one. With touchdown two coming in drive two. Oh! dear Goblins are falling left right and center but with the Goblin team begining to pull their little socks up starting with the Ogre Chuck Artemis begging to bash his way through the center point assisted by couple of Orcs, then attempting to lob a Goblin straight toward the Dwarf ball carrier and their cage of dwarfs: it didn't work! the goblin slipping out of the Ogres hands from the start. Doh! Like the Humans in the previous match luck was not on the side of The Hoblin Goblins, this time. Goblins fighting back hard although they were reduced in numbers achieved a knock down injury on the Troll slayer in the center of the pitch, breaking his ankle reducing his move rate by one, result for the Goblin coach. But, this pitiful feat didn't stop the Dwarven tank, this time!

6th match day.

D'Undateables (Orc/Goblin)  vs  'The Umphalumpaas!' (Dwarf)
COACH: Ben ---------------------Brett.
TEAM RATING: (178)  ----------------128
TEAM VALUE: 1.2million-----------1.2mil
TOUCHDOWNS so far:2----------------5
TOUCHDOWNS this match :(0)----------(0)to play
GAMES PLAYED: 2----------------2 
MATCH DATE: sat(to be arranged)
RESULTS: to play

Spike magasine News and notes:  Dwarf coach buyz a) star player Grim Ironjaw and b) gives his player No 6 the  Dwarf blocker......(something secret)......Dwarf team eager for next match. D'undateables Coach shitting himself, because he's next on pitch. Watch this space to see how this match pans out........

to be cont;--

7th match day

The Dragonslayers (undead)  vs  The Fartfull Dodgers (human)
COACH: Don ---------------------Mac.
TEAM RATING: (100)  ----------------217
TEAM VALUE: 1.million-----------1.2mil
TOUCHDOWNS so far:0----------------5
TOUCHDOWNS this match :(0)----------(0)to play
GAMES PLAYED: 0----------------3 
MATCH DATE: sat 6th may
RESULTS: match postponed (0-0)

Spike magasine News and notes:   The Fartfull Dodgers are quite reluctant to play against this team of undead, but the points will be handy. The undead team has it's debut match, their first match and they are eager to take some souls over to their side. Not if the fartfull Dodgers can help it though. They will certainly need to pull their socks up on this match!.....
The Undead coach did not turn up for the match. The Dodgers coach, "Phew!!...." 

8th match day.

The GutterGitts (Chaos)  vs  'The Umphalumpaas!' (Dwarf)
COACH: stand in ---------------------Brett.
TEAM RATING: (100)  ----------------128
TEAM VALUE: 1.0million-----------1.2mil
TOUCHDOWNS so far:0----------------5
TOUCHDOWNS this match :(1)----------(2)
GAMES PLAYED: 0----------------2 
MATCH DATE: Weds 17th may.
RESULTS: 2-1 to the Dwarfs

Spike magasine News and notes:   220 thouzand Fans turned up for this match; 110k a piece. This was a truly exciteing match with the dwarfs wining 2-1 by the skin of their teeth because the Chaos team presented the challenge with their speed of the Gutterunner rats. Only the Coach of the Rats got the strategic order wrong with his gutterrunners and thrower players. Putting his throwers up front into the dwarf half when his gutterrunners should have been there using their 4 agilities to catch the damn ball. Touchdown 1 was gained when a gutterunner ran up the wing with ball. The Dwarfs 1st touchdown came in the first half also. Both coaches sweating with anticipation. Dwarfs 2nd touchdown came in the second half by running a dwarf down the wing into the chaos half, the ball carrier stopping four squares short of the end zone. Chaos coach decides to run two players to the Dwarf ball carrier to set up for two +1 assists for Lord Borak to BLITZ the dwarf, and so scatter the ball. That was the plan. The BLITZ happened with three block dice and a result of push backs was quite crap, because this failed to knock the ball carrier over. And, the Chaos coach in all the excitemeant failed to use one of his two re-rolls to RE-ROLL the block dice! like a nobb!.......this would have declined the Dwarfs of their 2nd touchdown making the game a draw. This wasn't to be, Umm the Dwarf scampered off like lightning for his 4 movement straight to the chaos end zone. TOUCHDOWN!.......the Dwarf coach relished in the score and victory danced like some plumpened lulu girl in Hawaii. Over all, this match was exhilarating to play, both Coaches flowed nicely with the bloodbowl rules to give the game it's magic. Also, Chaos coach expecting the Dwarfs to at some stage launch their damn bombs on the pitch----never happened! Phew! if those things had gone off on the pitch there would have been complete chaos happening! 

to be cont...