In short, our lineage was traced and researched and published by my Fathers cousin Diana Beswick, of Gristhorpe Manor, Filey, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, back in the early 80's. (our genealogy WAS NOT  researched by me.) A reunion was held on the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, which was televised by Coast to Coast at the time in the early 80's. My mother has a video cassette copy of this.

Our story starts in 1086.c when the first of us on the male line came across from Normandy with William the Conquerer. His name was Charles de la Court, hence the name 'Chaldecott' ....which shortened over the years. He was made governor of Corfe Castle, at that time by William of Normandy. We, came from him. And also our family traits came from this point too, traits such as honor and respect for the laws and of authority, a sense of understanding and rationale; what is reasonable and what is not. Physical traits such as the 'nose', and the 'frown'. And our physical stature. There were NO NEGATIVE FAMILY TRAITS in our pedigree line. We were noble people, fact.

Below, is just part of the tree.....not all images will be shown here there's too many and on A4 sheets, covers a complete council house living room floor. My line, follows the black * on the generation plan. The family crest was issued in the 13th Century with the motto "ESSE QUAM VIDERI" which means, lat: 'Be Rather than to seem to be'. The three arrows signify, straightness, focus and true to the point. As My father's Cousin Diana said in the book, " May your arrows find their mark, may they fly true, and straight to the point."

Note: The original copy of our lineage book of my pedigree, (the Chaldecott Connection,) is still in the safe keeping of my Mother, any authority wishing to peruse this literary work by Diana Beswick would have to contact my mother Mrs. Rita Chaldecott. It will eventually be passed to my Grandson Leo.

This is King Edward III private seal of the Griffons head, given directly to John Chaldecott, of which we are authorized to use today! If I were to write to the Queen I would use it!
The Genealogical tree gets very complicated at this point, transposing it into my website page format. There are many more pages in between which can only be viewed properly on a floor plan.
Leo Chaldecott (my grandson) and is the only one left of mine and my fathers branch of the tree that can carry on our name. Leo is the result of a thousand years pedigree history!! All three of our grandchildren are equaly important to us, in fact all of our grandchildren are treated equaly. They share the same traits as us.
BELOW, piccys of our lovely grandchildren, Scarlet Beliny and Leo. With their Grandad Mark & Nanny Gaynor.
note: That, my son Carl is divorced from Corina; this page in the tree will have to be amended now.
...these children are 9th generation. And that sword in the background is plastic!

 A few extracts from the book. Researched and published by Diana Beswick, of Gristhorpe Manor, Filey, North Yorkshire. R.I.P.

 The seal of the Griffons head was issued by King Edward 3rd. Directly to the Chaldecott line, via John de Chaldecott, the Kings Chaplain. If you observe the tree you will see the time frame.

 We are still authorised to use this seal today, apparently. I suppose if I wrote a nice letter to my Queen sealed with the Griffons head it might gain slight attention. 


There is a lot more to us, than meets the eye. Our pedigree line stretches back directly through the male line for 9 generations. Without extended families (hence name changes etc) and interbreeding.  Chaldecotts have always valued their family and lineage. There are no real criminals among us. We have always held a respect for the Laws of this land since time immemorial, in fact since before 12thC. In the past, my ancestors have been involved in the actual making of such laws.  

A lot of information on our pedigree is held in the book that my mum holds safe, as mentioned all ready. I will try to get some more of it up on here for people to read just out of general interest really. Many stories of what some of our ancestors got up to in the past, all of it factual.  Our traits were more mischievous rather than malicious, humor lightens the day and that is the way it has always been.  Even the nobles among us were the same by all accounts. I remember going on a painting and sketching trip to Chichester marina with the Chichester Art Society and one of the old lady Artists ask me if I were related to the Viscount of Chichester. I said if the name is the exact same then yes. But he would be on the Chichester branch of the tree. That is just from the modern period, I will continue later with some stories of the past.  


 In the papers. Below: bottom left of the main picture you can see me, my brother Vernon Chaldecott, and my Father Roy.

 CURRENTLY: 16th July 2017. re-transposing by hand every page of the tree, exactly as it is. For my son Carl. He then can do the same for Leo, or indeed pass my copy, and or his down. It is important to know where one comes from these days in order to maintain some sense of belonging, and integrity. Knowing ones roots however is no real big deal these days, but it becomes a big deal when in fact one DOES know. Writing it all out by hand has put my mind in touch with a lot of my ancestors, such as knowing silly little facts that Mrs.Diana Beswick must have researched fully these individuals. There were a lot of 'd.y's' = died young, and 'bp' = baptized, 'md' wich stands for married. And many more. One woman was 'd.a.b' which is 'died at birth. One ancestor drowned on the S.S.Leinster. John Charle de la court (my grt grt grt grt grt grt grandfather) was Chaplain to Edward III, another was in the court of Henry VIII. They were land owners, and farm bailiffs, and MP's around Dorset. One of them even had jurisdiction over the Isle of White. There are many tit bits as to the make-up of our present characters and traits. Any one curious; please do research 'Diana Beswick, of Gristhorpe Manor, Filey, Scarborough, North Yorkshire.' The researcher. Last I researched, two or three years ago now, was that she sadly passed and the village thereabouts put on a vigil for her. Her charity work was also immense. be cont: