A selection of my hand drawn material will soon be on this page. I do prefer to 'hand draw' my designs, it trains the eye and hand coordination. One aspect that all proper Artists must develop. And it aids memory drawing for later in time. I have many A4 folders full, and some A3 size stuff. With tattoo it is so too easy to just google an image, print it off, trace it, then create a stencil and tattoo it. This is not Art, and you are not an Artist if this is ALL you do!

With portrait tattoo however, this is a common process of trace the image because the tattoo has to be precise to detail in every way, most if not all tattoo Artists do this. So enjoy! remember my site will be constantly updating.

As far as design goes however, I love all sorts of nice and imaginative design. No matter what medium. Wood, clay, stone, textile design. Architectural design even, 'I looked at 'Pugin's work', it's all great stuff. It all enriches the mind.