Bloodbowl is just one of the tabletop games that we play. This one involves pitching fantasy teams against each other on a pitch, the players are the various tabletop models and the coaches are the friends that participate. A rookie team starts with 1,000,000 g.p.s points to spend on organizing the team into various different positions such as 0-8 Linemen for 80k each (these are setup on the line of scrimmage on the pitch) something like 80k for a Thrower, 70k for Catcher, and star players can cost hundreds of thousands a piece. And you blitz it out on the pitch trying to advance your players to legendary status across many matches and league tournaments. All the while trying to score touchdowns without your players dying, getting blown up, getting pushed off the pitch and getting beaten up by the crowd, or being eaten by Minotaur beasts and trolls and things like that. It aint easy getting that ball to the touchdown that's fa sure. 

All new coaches start with a rookie team. They get 1,000,000 gold pieces to spend on organizing the rabble into their positions. After that; you need to earn that darn gold if you want extras like re-rolls and medics etc.
below, Human team, x12 players, 1000000 points. 
Below, is a million point undead team with it's roster. All the different teams have their rosters. You can have a team of x16 players but you can only field x11. The rest are put into reserve.
There's two Orc teams here at 1 mil each. One painted, and the other being painted. The big guys are Ogres and cost 140k each! Each player has their own special skills, whitch are used in the matches. Block, dodge, blitz etc.
Below, is one of the bloodbowl league trophies I made for the game. The lucky winner of the winter league will win this thing. It will come with about 500.000 gold pieces (split) between the winner and 1st & 2nd place. And one team re-roll for the year holder as well as other benefits for the team and coach. 

note: the trophy isn't finished being modeled yet!

to be cont:..
The Pitch, I made so that it folds up. Out of green baize material, and then simply marked it up. Most people watch football on a Saturday afternoon; We play Bloodbowl. A hands on hobby game, hours of excitement watching your players advance, or get eaten, etc. The league games are organised just like the real football leagues. 


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Next fixture: Chaos plays Humans, Goblins, Orcs. Dwarfs play Orcs.
The commissioner requests ALL coaches to attend a match that is on, (if not busy) even for an hour or so. Just to observe team strategies, rule book reviews, team roster tinkering etc.
Coaches may visit the Arena offices to peruse the (in the story line of bloodbowl) NAFF official rule books at any time.
Next match Chaos are on the Pitch!!
Coaches Ben & Don to visit the stadium offices to peruse the rule books & review their team rosters.
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