Oil painter, Private Artist, & mixed media.


Born in southern England, Age forty nine, with nearly thirty years oil medium study and practice. Mixed media Artist with the 'oils' being the main medium. I was very young when I first started drawing and sketching. When I was about 12 years old I remember sitting opposite the Bear Hotel in Havant, sketching the architecture of the street. I trained my eye to observe many things in detail, including the behaviors of people as individuals. However it is strange that I didn't really do any drawings of people much. Inanimate objects mainly. For more information see profile As far as philosophy goes there is a lot to it. I read Greek Philosophy starting with 'The Last Days of Socrates' by Plato, I went on from there to read several schools of thought. Art and Philosophy go hand in hand.

Oil Paintings by Mark chaldecott below, in my home gallery. Here are (local scenes) The Gothic Library, Staunton. The Hayling Billy, Langstone Havant. H.M.S.Warrior, Portsmouth. And The Grazing Horse. There's the Horse head Portrait...and Arundel Castle oils.
Right is the wall of my living room. Showing the clock I made, and one of my personal oil paintings of St.Faiths church in Havant. Here's also my Horse portrait in place, (fine brush glaze medium.)


 Portrait of a horse; size framed 20" x 20",  glaze oil by, M.A.Chaldecott. FOR SALE see in store.

some A3 size prints for sale, see in STORE
Portrait of a Jack Russell. oil on canvas, s:20" X 16". No longer owned. Sold.
The Startled Horse. oil on panel, commissioned. s:20" X 16".yr. '94/5.
The Hayling Billy oil on canvas size 20" X 16". Currently on show at Hobbycraft, Havant. 

The first rose. original oil glaze by M.A.Chaldecott, s; 6" X 8".  c. about 2003. no longer owned

The Hanoverian. commissioned. oil on panel 1993, s,20" X 16" inches. No longer owned.

St.Faiths, Havant. original by M.A.Chaldecott, oil on panel, size 30" x 20", framed. PRICE £1500.00 THIS PIECE IS NOW ON SHOW IN HOBBYCRAFT, HAVANT.

The Canal, No longer owned, however ltd edtn prints are in STORE
Arundel, oil glaze on wood panel fine brush, framed, size 22" x 18" ; FOR SALE see in store.

Girl with Ball.

£ 200.00 

Portrait of a girl with ball. An extremely detailed piece, glaze medium, framed in gold. SIZE 8" X 10" (inches)

A Rose, glaze oil by Mark Chaldecott, 2nd rose oil. No longer owned
Langstone, Havant. oil on canvas, size 4ft x 3ft approx., FOR SALE see in store.
The Grazing Horse, oil on wood panel, size 20" x 16". FOR SALE see in store.
The Gothic Library at Staunton, oil on Panel framed in Gold, FOR SALE see in store.


I've painted a few wall murals in my time, and I am getting into it again if anybody is interested, below is a fairy fantasy chalk board wall I am working on at the moment. It's far from finished, expect these images to be updated as we go on.

... right is the drawing for a fairy in the top right corner of the blackboard, more drawings are planned and then I will paint them, and then merge the whole lot into one big piece. This wall is in our home, for when the grand children come and stay. 

For wall murals, any theme can be painted to look cool. go to Murals or go to commissions. 

The Space scene; right, is a wall I painted in Paulsgrove, Portsmouth: For a lad that was into deep space 9 star trek theme. 

HOBBYCRAFT in Havant (top floor)  will soon to be displaying; two more of my oil paintings. ''St.Faiths Church,Havant' and my 'Hayling Billy, Langstone Havant' oil on canvas.

Both are for sale with a percentage commission going to a charity of Hobbycrafts choice.

St.Faiths in central Havant, s: 30" x 20", for sale exhibit in Hobbycraft, currently.
The Hayling Billy. s:20" x 16" canvas framed. For sale at Hobbycraft in Havant from 3rd August 2017.
Here I am cleaning my Chichester Cathedral Oil with a cotton bud and my secret oil cleaning formula I concocted many moons ago it seems. I painted this piece in 1995.


COMMISSIONS: are easy to arrange, any subject; for example: Your house/building and grounds, your animals (especially horses and dogs) your vehicles even. Or just and heirloom landscape of your locale and choice.Prices for commissions are met when contacted, I usually frame them myself, but that is clients decision. All it takes is a photo sent. I can take from photo. An original oil painting has something a photo does not!! and lasts atleast beyond my lifetime; so they become heirlooms. And their value goes up. Interested? call Mark on 07879522757.

NOTE: Artist has complete discretion over prices of works of Intellectual property, they have copyright which does not need to be endorsed by a solicitor. Prices or values of any works may adjust again at Artist' complete discretion. At the moment most of my work is NFS because I always maintain a 'collection' to show at any exhibition.

PLANS to do an oil painting of a Welsh landscape (love the country only perused it once so far.) I have needed to come out of my area for a long time now, as far as my oil painting goes anyhow. I may have found an alternative place to paint now.