oil painter, Tattoo, Private Artist.


Born in southern England, Age forty nine, with nearly thirty years oil medium study and practice. Mixed media Artist with the 'oils' being the main medium.

The artworks you see here on this website are a culmination of many years study and observation into varying techniques and theory on the subject of Art. I was an oil painter for twenty years before I diversified to tattoo in 2008 (which incidently I don't practice any longer.)       I have put thousands of hours of art study and practice in over the years, and strained my eyes too with years of detail work. I remember standing up at my easel working on a painting at two in the afternoon and did not rest from what I was working on until three in the morning. I studied the oil medium with all it's strange concoctions for applying glazes to the paintings. Working the different styles as well like Impasto, wet-into-wet, scrumbeling etc. I went to painting exhibitions and exhibited mine too. There's a lot to it all, far too much to explain here. Art history was an interest too, it went along with the technical application. Reading about the great masters and their happenings was exciting for my mind. I come to the conclusion that the reason Van Gogh cut his own ear off is because he was frustrated in the fact that he painted two hundred paintings in one year, and only sold ONE. All the while, his brother Theodore was a painter also, but he sold loads of his work. If you observe Van Gogh's works it is easy to see that in his time the people didn't appreciate his paintings and most probably thought that his paintings were rubbish and poorly executed. Strange that now he is dead...everybody likes them. All that aside though, it is always good to study the different painting styles and techniques of different Artists. My favourite Painters were John Constable and John Everett Millais. If you look at these two painters, you will notice two very extreme styles of oil painting. The secrets are all hidden in the actual 'techniques' of painting applied. Fore more go to INFO.

HOBBYCRAFT in Havant (top floor) will be soon to display two of my oil paintings shortly. ''VEINS OF A LEAF' and my 'SYNAPSIS' modern art oil on box canvases. 

Both are for sale with a percentage commission going to a charity of Hobbycrafts choice.

...NEXT UP AT HOBBYCRAFT. Some MODERN art!! starting with this one: "VEINS OF A LEAF" s;20"x 18" box canvas. 'every cell of this leaf has a faint yellow dot in it, done with a fine brush.'



HAYLING BILLY... has currently been drawn up for oil painting!! this is my next oil painting of a local scene (I love 'em) I will show piccys of progression later. But, this classic local historical view of the Hayling Billy will be painted in full colour, research from an old black and white photo. Keep an eye out for this one, I love painting loco's. Also, a lot of Artistic license will be used in this oil painting, like my Staunton House oil, it will be the 'only' colour depiction of the scene. This oil painting will display in HOBBYCRAFT Havant in due course. See instore for more detail of my oil work.

THE EMBRACE. oil on canvas. (subjects: a friends children) by M.Chaldecott 

..just applying details in the paintwork now...

The first rose. original oil glaze by M.A.Chaldecott, s; 6" X 8".  c. about 2003.

St.Faiths, Havant. original by M.A.Chaldecott, oil on panel, size 30" x 20", framed. NFS prep for exhibitions.

 Portrait of a horse; size framed 20" x 20",  glaze oil by, M.A.Chaldecott. At exhibition oct 11-23rd

A Rose, glaze oil by M.A. Chaldecott,
The Canal,


COMMISSIONS: are easy to arrange, any subject; for example: Your house/building and grounds, your animals (especially horses and dogs) your vehicles even. Or just and heirloom landscape of your locale and choice.Prices for commissions are met when contacted, I usually frame them myself, but that is clients decision. All it takes is a photo sent. I can take from photo. An original oil painting has something a photo does not!! and lasts atleast beyond my lifetime; so they become heirlooms. And their value goes up. Interested? call Mark on 07879522757.

NOTE: Artist has complete discretion over prices of works of Intellectual property, they have copyright which does not need to be endorsed by a solicitor. Prices or values of any works may adjust again at Artist' complete discretion. At the moment most of my work is NFS because I always maintain a 'collection' to show at any exhibition.

 Langstone; 3ft x 2.5ft, 1993, oil on canvas.Chaldecott. PRICE nfs or offers.

Langstone, Havant. oil on canvas, size 4ft x 3ft approx.,